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Jebel Ali Shooting Club is an indoor and outdoor academy that is located in Jebel Ali. It offers archery, and various types of shooting. If you are looking for an entertaining, fun, and one of a kind experience to enjoy with your friends and family Jebel Ali Shooting Club is the place for you. 

What to expect: 

     -   Various types of shooting (Clay shooting, Pistol)

     -   Archery 

     -   A delightful restaurant inside the facility

Location: Gate No.7, Exit No.13, Near - Mina Jebel AliJebel Ali Freezone - Dubai

Open Hours:

     -    During Summer (1st May - 30th September): 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm.

     -    During Winter (1st October - 30th April): 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Entry fee:

     -   Shooting: 

           -   Rates for non-members per round: 190 AED - 230 AED.

           -   Rates for members per round: 120 AED - 200 AED.

           -   Clay shooting for non-members: 230 AED per round

           -   Clay shooting for members: 150 AED per round.

     -  Archery:

           -   Rates for non-members per session: 110 AED.

           -   Rates for members per session: 80 AED.

To book:


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