Events Tickets

At Al Arif Sons Travel, we create and deliver exceptional world-class events for both local and international clients. Knowing that “off the shelf” solutions achieve mediocre results, we recommend to our clients to allow us to create a theme especially for them. This allows us to use our full capabilities to take your event to the next level, push creative boundaries, achieve your desired outcome and inspire your audience by producing an unforgettable experience.
If budget and time do not allow, we also have a host of pre-made themes ready to be used for you next event that include a well-planned mix of food, music, entertainment and decorations. 
Knowing that the most important aspect of the success or failure of an event is the venue where it is held at. We at Al Arif Sons Travel ensure you will be recommended only the most suitable venues to host your event, with the assistance of our skilled full-time staff dedicated to researching, inspecting and negotiating for access to the greatest venues available in UAE and the region.