Leave the futuristic 21st century skyline of Dubai behind you as you head across the desert to the oasis city of Al Ain, one of the oldest settlements in the region.Your day starts with a fascinating 90-minute drive through the ever-changing desert scenery to Al Ain. Built on an oasis, this stunningly green city is also known as the ‘Garden City' and stands out like a verdant emerald in the heart of the hostile desert. Once a key stop on the Caravan route to Oman, the settlement dates back thousands of years and was originally a cluster of small villages around the fresh water springs. Experience the life of yesteryday as you take a stroll through the Al Ain Oasis with its traditional Falaj irrigation system that provides the fresh spring water that feeds the date plantations. From here continue to Al Ain Museum – one of the most important museums in the UAE where you can see artifacts from the famous nearby excavation, ancient Arabic manuscripts and royal treasures. Also pass by the archeological Hili tombs dating back 5000 years, surrounded by a marvelous botanica l garden. The tour concludes with a trip to the largest camel market in the UAE where dealers from around the Gulf come to buy and sell these extraordinary “ships of desert..Our tour also includes the visit of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain which is the highest point of the UAE.